GuardiCore is an innovator in internal data center security focused on delivering more accurate and effective ways to stop advanced threats through real-time breach detection and response. Developed by the top cyber security experts in their field, GuardiCore is changing the way organizations are fighting cyber attacks in their data centers. They attend many of the top conferences and industry shows all over the world, and are constantly looking for innovative ways to showcase their solutions. For the RSA 2018 booth, we decided to use an actual screen capture from their Centra Security Platform as a dual-purpose design element on the right panel—not only does it serve as visual interest, but the sales and engineering personnel staffing the booth can actually use it to illustrate the value of the product. On the left, product highlights are called out on an arresting orange backdrop that reinforces company branding. The rest of the booth is left clean and simple, to allow the branding elements to pop.