Napa Vintage is a fledgling wine brand focusing on ultra-premium cabernet sauvignon from the Napa AVA. Before they could launch their first wine release, they needed an entire identity designed to appeal both to luxury-goods consumer and to the aspirational market. The wine will both be sold directly to the consumer (DTC) and via retail outlets. We wanted it to be classy and understated, in line with the premium nature of the product, but also with enough flair to compete on the shelf. I wanted to straddle a line between classic and modern, just as the wine itself is, and the font choices and illustration style were chosen for their adherence to this ideal. The logo design is based off a tattoo that the founder, a former Coast Guard serviceman, has, with wine and grape elements added. Medium-textured substrate was selected for the label, and the red branding elements are further accented by foil.