Label option 1

Paprika's Kitchen is a small artisanal producer of home-grown and -made pepper jams. They will be selling their preserves in high-end farmers' markets and specialty food stores. There is a lot of competition in this space, so the first priority for their identity project is creating packaging that will help them stand out on the shelf and convey the handcrafted quality of their product. Since Paprika's Kitchen is a very small shop on a budget, the labels must also allow updating of the jam types by the proprietors and printed on a home printer. These are four options currently under review, each with their own personality and character. Once a design is agreed upon, a user-friendly template will be created to update themselves as needed. Other identity pieces such as business cards, a website masthead, and printed POS banners and flyers will be created using the selected design's look and feel.

Label option 2

Label option 3

Label option 4