The idea behind Integrato pinot noir from Sante Arcangeli Family Wines was to create a party in a bottle that showcases the complexity, variety and nuance of the Santa Cruz Mountains AVA. This is an “all star” barrel selection from single-vineyard lots that focuses on food-friendliness, structure and that elusive term, “pinosity”. For the 2017 vintage, Sante Arcangeli wanted to update the label to differentiate from their other, single-vineyard wines. They already had a basic design, but were struggling with a logo mark, having only a rough sketch of a concept. I provided several different iterations of the mark, a stylized grapevine that also symbolized the different vineyards coming together into one. We eventually landed on the one that not only captured the original idea behind the concept, but went beyond by taking inspiration from the surf style and culture of Santa Cruz. The mark was printed on textured label paper using a combination of embossing and spot gloss for the final sophisticated touch.

Original 2016 label and client's rough sketch of the 2017 label

Initial digitalization and concept variations

Final mark